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Welcome to the practice '' Inner Choice'' !

Shiatsu helps your energy to circulate better.

It helps by physical pain, sickness and by psychological difficulties.


I'm Christophe Dumont, shiatsu therapist, member of the association of the Iokai Shiatsu therapist ( V.I.S) and registered by the SRBAG and the RBNG. That means that I’m working according to certain professionnal qualities and standard. IIt also means that the sessions are partly reimbursed with a complementary insurance.

I hope that you can find enough information’s on that site to see if you can be helped by this form of therapy

If you have some more questions don't hesitate to contact me.

Examples of treatable conditions are:

- Back pain, neck pain or joint pain;
- Headache, concentration problems;
- Stress, insomnia;
- Post operation recovery
- Circulation problems;
- Sleeping problems;
- R.S.I.;
- Emotions, depression, anxiety;
- Help with psychosis
- Fatigue;
- Menstrual and hormonal problems;
- Help with allergy and hypersensitivity.
- Personnal development
- more...

How does it works?

In a human being the physical and chemical functionnement of the body are regulated through invisible subtle layers.

The meridian system in which the energy( Ki or Chi) is circulating belongs to one of those layers.
A shiatsu treatment influences the circulation of energy in the meridian system, which helps to get a better physical or psychological condition.

The treatment:

Every person is different.
The treatment pays attention to the all picture of you as individual having specific symptoms.

Which purpose? We first make an as clear as possible image of your reasons to come and of the purpose of the therapy.

Healing attention: The dialogue goes further into silence: I'm deeply listening with my hands what the body and its energies have to tell to us.

Efficiency: It is sometimes better to work in this deep quality of healing quietness, and sometimes it becomes more efficient to enter a conscious dialogue about what's going on.

The subtle touch of shiatsu allows you to experience deep feelings and sensations.

To free some old energies stored in the body , very often gives some insights about the origin of the symptoms.

Those insight can be then worked and transformed into new forces.

I hoop that you can find in this site the information’s you are looking for.

If you have more questions or want to know if I can help you, phone me or send me an e-mail.



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''To help someone to transform a physical or emotional obstacle into a new and personal force fascinates and passionates me.

This transformation process always anew surprises me and touch me by its beauty.''


Christophe Dumont